The Ultimate Small Business Marketing Weapon!

We give businesses the tools that Level the playing field

Contactless Payments

No more handling cash or credit cards.  Customers settle bills with the CWikX app and can to leave a tip on any type of Cwik X transaction.

Voucher and

Coupon Builder

Drive new and repeat customers to your place of business with custom digital coupon or pre-paid voucher programs for CwixX users.

Loyalty and Rewards program

Gone are the days of stamp cards! With CWikX's loyalty and rewards program your can digitally reward and keep your best customers happy.

Search, eGifting, 

Microsite and More!

Customers find local offers, merchants create their own eGift programs and all CwikX users can easily transfer balances with each other.


Build your own cwikcoin

Whether you want to publicly discount your gift cards for the holidays, sell at full value to sell in a digitized format, or spiff your best customers then CWikX takes the headache away of remembering to load up your plastic cards with our fully digital offering.

Coupons and vouchers


You've always wanted to know which of your public coupons perform the best, right? Instead of counting paper coupons in the cash drawer allow CWikX to not only show you which of your programs are working the best, but also which of your customers are using your coupons.


Valentines Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, or just any old reason to put together some of your best offerings. Package them together and let it fly! Our customers will see your offerings, prepay for them and be ready to service a happy customer.

Loyalty and rewards

Complementing the product-based Loyalty program, CWikX's rewards program allows your business to track all spending by each customer. Our system allows you to design a dollar-based rewards program.