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Create continued engagement with our community based marketing platform and mobile payment portal. Reward your customers, staff, and friends by sending out digital GIFTS through the CWikPay platform.
Replace your current Gift Card Program. Use the digital wallet to make payments without the need of cash or credit card. Features include easy merchant redemption and real time reporting.

We created Payment
revolution in app

CwikPay is a fully secure personal wallet where all your mobile credits are stored. Merchants may reward customers or employees for their participation in leaving reviews or for giving excellent service to guests.

cwik pay is currency

Turn your reviews and ratings into dollars. With CwikPay your customers and staff are a click away from being a part of a revolutionary community.

your Community mobile wallet

Use CwikPay to shop around town without cash or credit card. 

No more gift cards or certificates

Forget the hassle of gift cards, and paper certificates. All credits are now stored in your personal wallet 

Easy merchant redemption and reporting

Decide how you want to be notified. Instant email showing redemption. Or, a daily, weekly, or a monthly emailed report. Secure one time use code, allows for no fraudulent activity. 

You've been gifted

Create loyalty and community relationships by sending your customers, friends and family CWikPay balances to their favorite CWikPay participating establishment  through the digital platform.


Share offers with your community using our mobile marketing platform. Give digital GIFTS to your customers, friends and employees.

Drive Customers To Your CWikPAY Offers

Share offers with your community using our mobile marketing platform. Give gift certificates or CWikPay balances to your customers, friends and employees.