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Your Website Is Nearly Invisible On GOOGLE

               But you can take advantage of your online Ratings and Reviews

  70% of your customers will return if you resolve a complaint in their favor. 
  85% of your customers trust online reviews as much as their friends.
  86% of people pay more for services with higher rankings.
  60% of persons are turned off by negative reviews.
  97% of consumers read online reviews.

Ratings, reviews, results


Build your own list of reviewers

Guests will instantly receive an email upon redeeming their CWikPay offer encouraging them to leave a review.

"GIFT" Loyal Patrons, Friends, Family or Employees

Running late to meet your team for "Happy Hour?" No apology needed, send them a drink from your CWikPay app. 

make it right

CWikX allows you to be notified instantly before an unhappy guests leaves and gives you the opportunity to "make it right."


Customers trust online reviews as much as their friends. CWikX allows you to share reviews via social media. A customer leaves a "glowing review", show them appreciation by sending them a GIFT with CWikPay to use towards their next purchase at your establishment.

Ratings, reviews, results


You've been gifted

Create loyalty and community relationships by sending your customers, friends and family CWikPay balances to their favorite participating establishment  through the digital platform.

Ratings, reviews, results

review microsite

We created
Your Own review Microsite.

Monitor and Manage Reviews From Over 300 Review Sites From One Location. Increase SEO traffic.

Ratings, reviews, results

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